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Hello friends, thank you very much for your interest in knowing us. This is a new blog and I am Ghazi Barkat Hossain is with you to teach English. As you know, the demand for learning the English language is increasing day by day as this is an international language.

Everyone is interested in learning English. I have been thinking for a long time to share some parts of my long experience that can benefit everyone. Blogger has given that opportunity in a way that is beyond language. 

In this blog, you will find the latest techniques on the four skills of the English language. Thinking about the school-college students, following their syllabus, the subjects of the writing part have been given with utmost care in simple language. The grammar part will also be taught in simple language.

This blog is the result of our tireless efforts to come out of the ordinary and teach the students the acceptable language according to their needs.

About me:

Ghazi Barkot Hossain

I am Ghazi Barkat Hossain. I am a teacher by profession and I love to write. I was born in Narail district in Bangladesh. Currently, I am living in Dhaka. 

I have been a bookworm since childhood. As a student, reading books and falling asleep was a daily habit. I would be happiest if I could buy books. The writing bug enters the head from that age. But due to professional reasons or life struggles, I could not continue writing for a long time.

Suddenly it seemed that I could start again with what I had learned so far. The way it started! I chose to blog instead of a notebook and pen. 

I think blogging is not just about writing skills but also reaching out to readers using a variety of digital skills.
I am still trying to learn every day. I did TV reporting for two years. I also had a habit of writing in newspapers. I am regularly writing English articles in my other blogs.
Plans for this blog: 

Let's look back for while! I started teaching in 1998 with private tuition. Then I taught English in a college for a few years. I joined a high school. I have been there for about 12 years. I thought that I could spread my English skills among the readers which I gathered over the years. This initiative is from that desire.

I had a deep interest in knowing technologies from the student age. I first learned computer in the nineties. After that, I learned graphic design, video editing, article writing and so on‍.

I am a Digital Marketer certified by Google Digital Garage. I have also got certification from Udemy and LEDP Bangladesh.

I want to open new horizons in English education through my bestenglish24 blog. I want to bring innovation to English education. I want to make students proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening English. 

I want to teach, I want to learn. Welcome to the experts, enrich me with new knowledge. 

I hope I will be able to make the blog reach its goal with the cooperation and prayers of everyone, Inshallah.

Thank you very much.

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