A Journey by Train Composition


photo of A Journey by Train Composition
A Journey by Train Composition

A Journey by Train Composition

A train journey is very enjoyable. Last year, I went on a train journey with my parents. This trip was a lot of fun for me. I am now describing the experience of this train journey.

We went on a train trip during my summer vacation. My parents decided to travel to Sylhet by train and bought tickets.

I asked my father why we were going to Sylhet. Dad said Sylhet is a very beautiful place. There are many interesting spots to see there.

The night before the trip, I could not sleep well. The night was too big for me. I thought that the night would not end. We got up early in the morning. Then we got ready quickly and set out on our journey.

We reached Kamalapur railway station by car and got on the train. My father booked a cabin for us. So, there were no more passengers in that cabin. 

Our train started to move slowly, and my mind danced with joy. We crossed Dhaka city fast. I saw green nature outside the window and enjoyed it. 

The nature of our country is really beautiful. The villages looked like pictures. We were enjoying the movement of the villagers.

I was watching the working farmer in the field. My mother made coffee. We enjoyed the view with coffee.

The train stopped at some stations, and I heard a lot of noise. At 2 pm, we had our lunch. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed it.

In the afternoon, the sun was going to set in the west. The sunlight fell on the windows and on my body. The nature outside looked more beautiful. Dad was playing music on a soundbox. We ended the tour by listening to music. 

I got down at Sylhet station and heard the noise again. This train journey was a lot of fun and I will never forget it in the future.

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