Climate Change Paragraph for SSC

 Climate Change Paragraph for SSC 

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 Climate Change Paragraph 

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Climate Change Paragraph

Question: Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on ‘Climate Change’.

(a) What is climate change?

(b) Why does it happen?

(c) What are the effects of climate change?

(d) Who are the sufferers of climate change?

(e) What will happen in low lying countries?

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Climate Change Paragraph for SSC 

Climate change is the reason for changing the world's atmosphere. It is one of the significant problems for our environment. It changes the temperature of the globe, wind patterns, and rainfall. There are a few reasons behind climate change. Global warming is the main reason for them. The emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causes global warming. Different engines in mills and factories, buses, cars, and railways emit carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels. Climate change affects our environment seriously. It will decrease the production of crops, which will cause a food crisis. It raises the sea level because of the melting polar regions. If the sea level rises, the low-lying countries will go underwater. Bangladesh may go underwater due to the rising sea level. So, it is a notable concern for us. We can not stop climate change, but we can reduce it. We have to be more careful about using engines that burn fossil fuel. People should not cut trees randomly, as trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air. If we love our environment, it will make us happy. In this way, we can reduce climate change. 

Climate Change Paragraph for HSC

Climate change is now the most erratic hazard for the inhabitants of this planet. People on earth experienced an alarming climate change over the last century. In the last 50 years, people observed stronger evidence because of their unconscious activities of them. The temperatures on earth will continue to rise over the 21st century because of gas emissions. The worst sufferers of this temperature rise will be both mankind and nature. Human activities that are responsible for climate change include the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. Carbon dioxide increases and oxygen decreases which are the main reasons for climate change. As the amount of greenhouse gases increases, so will the global climate. This will cause the snow and ice to melt and the sea level to rise. Coastal areas and low lying areas will be submerged. Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases can prevent the catastrophic consequences of climate change for the time being. So to save the world, people need to be aware to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases.


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