Padma Bridge Paragraph-An Overview

What will you read in the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Paragraph?

A Story Of A Dream:

You will read a story about a Bangladeshi dream, described in the Padma Bridge paragraph below. 

The Padma multipurpose bridge has been a longstanding ambition for Bangladeshis. It's finally becoming a reality. Around 91 percent of the project will be completed by the end of 2022.  

The bridge is expected to be opened this year. The history, structure, and other impacts of the Padma Bridge on the growth of our country will be discussed in this Padma Bridge paragraph. 

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge Paragraph

Questions: Write a paragraph on the Padma Bridge answering the following questions.

a) Where is the Padma Brige situated?

b) What is the length of the Padma's Brige?

c) Who funded Padma Brige?

d) How many levels of Padma Bridge?

e) When will the construction end? 

Photo of Padma Bridge Paragraph
Padma Bridge Paragraph 

The Padma Bridge Paragraph। Padma Bridge Paragraph SSC

The Padma multi-purpose bridge is a dream bridge for Bangladeshi people. This bridge is built over the river Padma in Bangladesh. It is the sixth-largest bridge in the world. The beginning of the construction of the Padma Bridge is significant in the history of Bangladesh. The World Bank wanted to fund the bridge, but later postponed their decision. After that, Bangladesh started constructing the Padma Bridge on December 7, 2014, with its own funds. Construction of the bridge will end by 2022. The Padma Bridge is 6.15 km long and 18.10 m wide. This bridge has 41 spans. The Padma Bridge stands over these spans. 

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There are two parts to this bridge. One is an upper level and the other is a lower level. There is a four-lane highway on the upper level and a one-lane railway on the lower level. The construction process of Padma Bridge is divided into several parts. These are river governance, the main bridge, connecting roads on both sides of the river, and the construction of the supervision area. This bridge connects the south-western region of Bangladesh with the Dhaka part. This bridge will play a vital role in the development of Bangladesh. Transportation systems and economic activities will develop. It was tough for people to cross the Padma Bridge, and now it will be easy. This bridge will play a massive role in the economy and other development of the country.

Padma Bridge Paragraph HSC

The Padma multi-purpose bridge is a dream come true for Bangladeshis. This bridge is on the Padma River in Bangladesh. It is the world's sixth-largest bridge. The start of construction on the Padma Bridge is noteworthy in Bangladeshi history. The World Bank intended to fund the bridge, but their decision was postponed. After that, on December 7, 2014, Bangladesh began construction of the Padma Bridge using its own funding. By 2022, the bridge will be completed. The Padma Bridge spans 6.15 kilometers and is 18.10 meters wide. There are 41 spans on this bridge. These spans are crossed by the Padma Bridge. This bridge is made up of two sections. The first is at a higher level, and the second is at a lower level. Padma Bridge construction is segmented into numerous stages. River governance, the major bridge, linking roads on both sides of the river, and the supervision area development are all on the list. This bridge connects Bangladesh's south-western area with the city of Dhaka. This bridge will be essential to Bangladesh's development. Transportation networks will evolve, as will economic activities. Crossing the Padma Bridge used to be difficult in the past, but now it will be simple. This bridge will have a significant impact on the country's economic and other growth.

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