Money Cannot Bring Happiness Story

 Money Cannot Bring Happiness

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 Money Cannot Bring Happiness Story

A long time ago, a cobbler lived in a country. He used to sing and live happily with the bit of money he earned. He had a neighbour, and he worked in a bank. The banker had much money. One day the banker asked the cobler how much money he earned in one day.

The cobler smiled and replied that he supported his family with what he earned.

Hearing this, the banker said, "I don't think you are happy with your insufficient income."

However, the cobler replied, "This income is enough for me and I am happy with this money."

A few days later, the banker came again. He wanted to help the cobler. He brought ten thousand money in a bag and told the cobler to take it so that he could get rid of his troubles.

The cobler was amazed but did not want to take the money. However, the banker told him that he could use this money in trouble. Hearing this, the cobler took the money and thanked the banker.

The cobbler brought the money home. However, he thought to himself, where he would keep so much money. There was no safe place to keep this money in his small hut.

He finally dug a hole in his living room and put the money there. But, this money became a new concern in his mind. He always thought that maybe someone would steal the money.

He could not sleep at night thinking that the money had been stolen. 

Even, he could not put his mind to any work. As a result, new problems arose in his life, and he became unhappy. 

Soon peace vanished from his life. The cobler realized that this money was the cause of his unhappiness. 

He had peace in mind when there was no money.

From this story, we can understand that money is not a guarantee of peace. One has to find peace in what one has.

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