A Garment Worker Paragraph

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A Garment Worker Paragraph

A Garment Worker Paragraph for Class 4, 5


 A garment worker works in a garment factory. She makes a living by doing this job. She is very hardworking. She spends her whole day in a garment factory. So, she has to get up very early in the morning. She has breakfast and takes food for lunch. She gets out of the house very quickly. A garment worker walks to the factory. She has a tiffin carrier in her hand. She has to reach the factory before 8 a.m. Then, she starts her work.  A garment worker gets a little break to eat lunch. Next, she gets busy again. Thus, she works hard till evening. She returns home in the evening with a tired body. Most of the garment workers are women in Bangladesh. A garment worker gets a meagre salary. So, she lives a tough life. But, she works a lot for our economy. Bangladesh is world-famous in the garment industry. This fame is for garment workers. So, we should respect a garment worker.

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