King Lear And His Daughters Story

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King Lear And His Daughters Story

King Lear And His Daughters Completing Story

Once there was a king in England. His name was King Lear. He had three daughters. One day he decided to divide his kingdom among them. So he called them and asked how much they loved him. 

The king decides to give him the best reward that he loves the most. The king asked each girl how much she loved him.

His first daughter's name was Goneril. At first, the king asked her. Goneril said she loved her more than she could tell. The king was very happy and gave her a third of his kingdom. 

Then the king asked his second daughter, and her name was Reagan. She said that her love for him would never end. The king was very happy and gave him another one-third of his kingdom. Finally, the king asked his youngest daughter, Cordelia. The king loved her more than the other two daughters. 

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But the king became disappointed to hear her answer. Cordelia spoke the truth. She said she loved him as much as a girl loves her father. 

The king became furious and did not give her any wealth.  Cordelia was banished from his kingdom. Eventually, Goneril and Regan expelled the king from the kingdom. 

Cordelia rescued her father and brought him home. Cordelia took care of her father to recover from distress. The king realized that Cordelia's love was true love for him.

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