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 Grasp All, Lose All story

Grasp All, Lose All story/Greedy Farmer Story

Once a farmer had a goose, and it laid a golden egg every day. The farmer sold them in the market  and became solvent within a short time. 

But the farmer was very greedy. He wanted to be very rich overnight. He thought that there were a lot of golden eggs in the belly of the goose. So, he did not wait for a day. He wanted to get more eggs at a time. 

The farmer decided to cut the belly of the goose. One day, he told his wife that he wanted to cut the belly of the goose. But his wife was an intelligent person. She did not support his proposal and told him not to do it.

But the farmer wanted to fulfil his plan. One day, the farmer cut the belly of the goose with a sharp knife. 

But what a bit of bad luck! He could not believe his eyes. There was no egg there, and the goose died. Thus, the farmer lost all hope for his greed.

Moral of  Grasp All, Lose All story : The result of greed is a disaster. 



Story of a Greedy Farmer/ Grasp All, Lose All story

A long time ago, there was a greedy farmer in a country. He had no source of income of his own but had a goose.

This goose was his only source of income. It used to lay eggs regularly, and the farmer sold the eggs and spent his days somehow.

The farmer was so poor that he kept trying to figure out how to change the day. But he could not find a good source of income.

He planned in his mind that he would kill the goose and get all the eggs at once. He discussed the matter with his wife, but she refused to do so.

The wife was a simple man, and she did not have greed. She told him that they wanted to be happy with what they had. But the farmer did not listen to any of his advice.

One day the farmer killed the goose without informing his wife. But the farmer was surprised and shook his head.

He saw that there was nothing in the stomach of the goose. He began to cry in anger and grief.

His wife heard that and came to see the incident. She was shocked to see the farmer's condition and scolded him a lot.

Thus, due to greed, the farmer also lost his last resource.

Moral of  Grasp All, Lose All story: Greed is the cause of destruction

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