Greed Brings in Disaster Story

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Greed Brings in Disaster Story

A Greedy Dog Completing Story

Once a dog became very hungry, and he wanted something to eat. But he didn't find any food around. He stole a piece of meat from a house in the area.

The dog was very greedy and selfish. He thought someone else might ask him for a share. So, he ran with the piece of meat in his mouth. He intended to go away and eat it alone.

As he walked away, he came to a river. He saw a bridge over the river and thought he would cross the bridge and have fun eating the piece of meat.

He tried to cross the bridge very carefully and started walking slowly. But suddenly he looked under the bridge. The river had clear water. He was surprised to see another dog in the water carrying meat like him.

স্পোকেন ইংলিশ এর সহজ পদ্ধতি

The dog was greedy but very foolish. So, he didn’t realize that it was his shadow. The greedy-dog   thought he would snatch the dog's meat. Then he will be able to eat two pieces of meat with great pleasure.

He didn't know that greed was bad. ‍So, he got prepared to snatch the meat. At first, he growled, but the dog in the water did the same. The greedy dog   got very angry at that dog.

He said to himself, "I want to get his meat at any cost."

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The greedy dog   looked at his reflection and growled once more. But the dog in the water was not afraid but did the same. So, the greedy dog   became more enraged.

This time he wanted to bark to snatch the meat of the dog. Without delay, he began to bark   loudly.

But alas! What happened then? The piece of meat fell from his mouth into the river water. There was a small wave in the river water and the dog in the water got lost.

The greedy dog   realized that it was a reflection of him. But by then, it was too late. He has lost his flesh in the current of the river. Realizing the consequences of his greed, he left in despair.

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Moral of the story: 

It is wise to be happy with what you have. One has to acquire one's own merits without being greedy for the things of others. Otherwise, like this greedy dog, his things may be lost.


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