A Liar Cowboy Story

This story is popularly known as  a liar cowboy completing story or a liar shepherd completing story. 
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A Liar Cowboy Story

A Liar Cowboy Completing Story-A Liar Cowboy story for class 6-10

Long ago, A liar cowboy lived in a village. He used to graze sheep near a forest. He sang and played the flute very well. But he liked to tell a lie to make fun. 

The villagers knew him very well. One day the cowboy wanted to make fun with the villagers. He started shouting, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” The villagers heard his cry. They were very helpful. So, the villagers ran to help the cowboy. 

But they found no wolf there and the boy laughed at them. The villagers became very angry. They told him not to do this type of fun again. 

স্পোকেন ইংলিশ এর সহজ পদ্ধতি

After a few days, the boy shouted again to help him. The villagers came again and found no wolf. The villagers rebuked him and told him not to do it again. 

They said, “You are a liar and we will not come again to help you”

One day the boy was grazing his sheep in the field. Suddenly a wolf came and attacked his sheep. The boy shouted “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” He became afraid and shouted more loudly. 

But nobody came to help him. The villagers thought that it was his new fun. The wolf killed the sheep and also the boy. Such the cowboy brought bad luck to him. So, we should always speak the truth and it is very bad to tell a lie.   

A Liar Shepherd Completing Story-A Liar Cowboy story for class 10-HSC 

A shepherd lived in one country. He liked to lie to people and make fun of them. One day this liar shepherd went to graze sheep in the field.

This time an evil thought came to his head. He thought that the villagers could be fooled by shouting that the wolf had come. She thought that it would be fun.

The wolf is here! The wolf has arrived! Saying this, the liar shepherd began to shout. In that village wolves often came from the nearby forest so the villagers were aware of this.

The villagers had many weapons to chase away the wolves. Many villagers came together to save the liar shepherd with those weapons. 

The shepherd saw the villagers running towards him and he jokingly hid in a nearby forest.

The villagers did not see the liar shepherd at first, and many started crying. They thought the wolf might have eaten the shepherd.

Hearing the cries of the villagers, the shepherd started laughing and rolling. He came out of the forest laughing and said - you fool! You fool! What fun! What fun!

The villagers were stunned to see the shepherd's fun, and they went back in despair.

An old villager advised the liar shepherd, “Don't do this again because one day if a wolf comes, no one will come to help you. Be careful."

The shepherd paid no heed to the words of the old man, and began to do the same.

But one day a big accident happened. A terrible wolf came out of the forest and attacked the liar shepherd. Seeing the wolf, the shepherd got scared and tried to resist him with a stick.

The liar shepherd tried to flee into the forest and shouted to call the villagers. 

But alas! That was the consequence of a lie. This time the villagers started laughing when they heard the shepherd shouting from a distance. 

None of them came forward to help him because the shepherd proved to be a liar.

The result was as it should have been. The wolf killed the shepherd mercilessly.

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  1. It's simple then book. Thank you sir to making this tipe of simple story.


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