The Thirsty Crow Story For Kids

A thirsty crow is a famous fable. The story is a fun and instructive tale for children because of the intelligent behavior of a crow.

The crow is a very well-known bird. We see this bird every day. No one likes this black and bad-voiced bird. Many people are annoyed by their movement.

But everyone likes The Thirsty Crow story. Because in this story, we can see a complex work of a thirsty crow. Moreover, children can also learn a moral in this story for kids.

photo of The Thirsty Crow Story For Kids
The Thirsty Crow Story For Kids 

The Thirsty Crow Story For Kids

It was a hot summer day. A crow was very thirsty due to hot weather. The thirsty crow flew for a long time in search of water. But he found no water in that area. 

All the ponds and ditches had dried up. The thirsty crow flew a long distance in search of water. He became exhausted but was not disappointed. The crow was thinking about what to do. He did not lose hope because he was a clever crow. 

The thirsty crow flew more and more, and at last, he saw a farm. He stopped and sat on a tree. Suddenly the crow saw a pitcher under the tree. The clever crow thought that there might be some water in the pitcher. So the thirsty crow flew down and sat on the pitcher. 

He looked into the pitcher. The pitcher had a little water. The thirsty crow could not reach it, but the clever crow was determined to drink water in the pitcher.  

He looked around and saw some pebbles. He picked up the stones one by one with his beak and dropped them into the pitcher. 

The water came close to the pitcher's mouth. The crow's soul danced happily. He drank that water very quickly. Joy returned to his body. Then the thirsty crow flew away with joy in his mind.

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Moral Of the Thirsty Crow Story

The two famous morals in a thirsty crow are well known to everyone. One is “Where there is a will, there is a way!”

And the other is- “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

From the thirsty crow story, we can learn that an animal uses its intellect to make new inventions out of necessity. So, We can say that need makes people creative.

On the other hand, we can learn from this thirsty crow story in English that if someone makes a wish, he can find a way.


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