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Completing Story Hidden Treasure


Completing Story Hidden Treasure

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer in a small village. He had his wife and three sons in his family. The three sons were very lazy. They did not want to do any work. They wished to be rich.

The farmer told them to do work but the sons did not do it. 

The farmer became very old and sick. He thought about the future of his sons. At last, he wanted to teach them a good lesson.

One day he called his sons and the sons came. He told to sit them beside him. He told that he was very old and he had a lot of gold. He wanted to give them the gold.  His sons asked him where the gold was.

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The farmer told that he put the gold hidden in the field. His sons became very surprised. After a few days, the old farmer died.

The sons went to the field and started cultivating the field. But they did not get any gold in the field. Then they sowed seeds in the field. They saw very good crops after some days and took care of them. That year they got better crops than before. They understood that the crops were the real gold. Now they realized that hard work brings riches and happiness. Since then they started working hard.


Story Industry Is The Key To Success

It is a story of a long ago. A farmer lived in a small village who was very wise. The farmer had three sons and a wife in his family. The villagers used to call the farmers to solve their problems.
But it was great regret that the farmer had ‍a big problem in his family that he did not notice. The villagers noticed the problem that his three sons did not do any work and passed their time lazily by playing and sleeping. 
One of the villagers told to the wise farmer that his sons did not do any work when he was not present. The farmer became very worried and was thinking to solve this. He did not want to inform his sons that he knew the matter from a villager.
After thinking for a few days he decided to solve the problem with a trick. He decided to fix it with a wise plan which was not understood by his sons. 
He called them to a meeting and asked them to sit down. The boys were very afraid of him because of his temper. 
The atmosphere of the meeting was very quiet. So the boys got very scared and thought that maybe their father knew about their wastage of time and called them to punish.
At such a moment, their father's words cut off their fear. 
Dad said with a heavy heart that he was old and could die at any time.
So he called them to say something important. Hearing this, the boys became interested in hearing the words. They went closer to their father and sat down and asked him to say the words.
The wise farmer said that he had worked hard all his life and collected a lot of gold for them. Hearing this, the boys jumped for joy and told everyone to give him the gold.
The farmer told them to calm down. He further said that I have hidden these golds in a place for you. The boys begged him to hear the name of the place. The farmer stood up and told them to follow him.
The boys were very greedy and lazy. They thought that if they got golds, they would not have to work anymore. They will be able to sit and eat all their life.
So they started running after their father. But their father brought them to a vacant cropland a little away from home.
He said that he hid the gold under the ground of that land and they would find them as soon as they dug the soil.
The boys went down to the land and started digging. The farmer left the place. The boys didn't get anything that day and they came back home. The farmer said them not to stop until they found the golds. So the boys continued to do that every day.
The boys continued to do that and cultivated almost the whole land. Meanwhile, the farmer died. Within a few days after their father died, they dug up the whole land. They got annoyed when they didn't get anything and got angry and threw some seeds in the land and came home.
After some days they saw that the green paddy land was laughing with new crops. They happily went to the land and were very happy to see them. 
A few days later, when the paddy was ripe, they became happier. They reaped the harvest and took it home and continued to get many crops in this way.

Now they understood the secret of their father's words. They became more diligent and realized that industry is the key to success.



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