Poet Sheikh Saadi and a nobleman-completing story


photo of Poet Sheikh Saadi and a nobleman-completing story for class 6-ssc
Poet Sheikh Saadi and a nobleman-completing story


The dress does not make a man great

Sheikh Saadi was a great poet of Iran. He liked to lead a very simple life. One day, he was going to the king. The sun set on the way and poet Sheikh Saadi took shelter in a house.
His dress was not beautiful and he looked very simple. The landlord neglected him and gave him very simple foods.
Sheikh Saadi felt very sad. He understood that it was for his dress and he did not tell anything. In the morning he started for the court.
After finishing work, Sheikh Saadi was returning home. He again took shelter in the same house. This time he was well dressed and the landlord did not recognize him. They thought that he was a rich man. So, they welcomed him and gave him very good food. Poet Sheikh Saadi understood the reason and wanted to teach them a lesson.
He did not eat the foods but started putting them in his pocket. The landlord and his servants became very surprised. They asked why he was doing so.
Sheikh Saadi said that some days ago they did not give him good food because his dress was not beautiful. This time they were showing respect only for the good dress. So, the foods were not for him but the dress. The man could understand his fault and told poet Sheikh Saadi to forgive them.

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