Simple compound complex sentences

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Simple compound complex sentences

Simple-complex-compound sentences l English short sentence making techniques

If you want to write the correct sentences in English, you need to know the structures of  simple compound complex sentences. Simple, compound and complex sentences' definition and examples are carefully discussed here.

Compound-Complex Sentence is also necessary for writing English. You can get a clear idea about this sentence here. 

However, it is possible to write a paragraph or any other topic correctly only with the idea of ​​simple Sentence below. 

Those who want to work less, they can start writing with the idea of ​​simple sentence only.  However, those who want to improve the writing skill should follow the sentence pattern of four kinds. 

The structures of simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentences are shown here with examples.

Four types of sentence:

1. Simple 2. Compound 3. Complex 4. Compound-Complex 

1.Simple Sentence: A simple sentence is a sentence that contains a subject and a Finite Verb . 

 Structure of a simple sentence

1 Subject + 1 Finite Verb + Object/Extension.                                                                                                                 👉 (See what is  Subject ও Object )  


1. He finished the work

(Subject here is he and

Finite Verb is finished)


2. Rahim went to college

 (Subject here is Rahim and

Finite Verb is went) 

3. Pritha will do the work

(Subject here is Pritha and

Finite Verb is will do) 

4. The players are going to start the game now

 (Subject here is the players and

Finite Verb is are)


2. Compound Sentence: When at least two or more Principal Clauses are joined by Coordinating Conjunctions (and, but, or etc), it is called a Compound Sentence.  

 Structure of a compound sentence

Principal Clause + and/but/or + Principal Clause

In the following sentences, the principal clauses are shown in bold, which are added by coordinating conjunctions.


1. Babu finished the work and Fahim went to market.

2. Fina has done it and her friend has helped her.

3. Tithi went to market and she bought nothing but her mom bought only a pen.

4. She sells flower and his father buys gold.

5. They will go to school or watch cricket on TV.

  3. Complex Sentence:  

There will be a Principal Clause and one or more Subordinate Clauses in a complex sentence.

  Structure of a complex sentence

1 Principal clause + 1 or more Subordinate Clause (s) 


1. He is so weak that he cannot walk.

 ( He is so weak → Principal clause and

that he cannot walk → Subordinate Clause)

2. Rina helped me though she was poor.

 (Rina helped me → Principal clause and

though she was poor → Subordinate Clause)

3. Faim wrote a letter that he sent to his friend.

 (Faim wrote a letter → Principal clause and

that he sent to his friend → Subordinate Clause)

4. Kalpo will go to school so that he can learn well as he wants to be a wise person.

 (Kalpo will go to school → Principal clause and

so that he can learn well → Subordinate Clause and as he wants to be a wise person → Subordinate Clause)

5. Shomraggi drinks milk everyday although she does not like fruits.

   (Shomraggi drinks milk everyday → Principal clause and

although she does not like fruits → Subordinate Clause)

4. Compound-Complex: A compound-complex sentence has at least two independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.


1. As Rini was ill, she could not speak well, and she wanted to sleep. 

2. I sacrificed for her, and she could not help me in my danger as she was a selfish person.

3. You can help me, and I will be grateful to you though I will leave this place in near future. 

4. I wish you a happy birthday as you are my best friend, and you must wish me on my birthday.

5. Niru came here yesterday, and he wanted to tell me something as he is passing his days with hardship due to the epidemic.  


Simple compound complex sentences, definitions and examples, if you pay attention to them, you will be able to write English sentences correctly. Once you have mastered the technique of making short sentences in English, you will gradually start the practice of making big sentences. Good luck!

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